Access my unique Gingerbread pound cake recipe

Yours to download and own to bring sugar and spice to your celebrations

If you're stuck for ideas on what to bring to a Christmas shindig, afternoon tea or dinner party I've created a recipe for a modern alternative to a Christmas fruit cake.

By purchasing this recipe you will receive a downloadable PDF only with the ingredient and utensil list plus instructions on how to mix and bake the cake only (Does not include buttercream recipe or instructions on torting, assembling and application of buttercream).

This recipe is the basis for my new Festive Holiday Cake Online Learning Module (available to purchase separately) which guides you on how make a single-tier Gingerbread pound cake decorated in an abstract design with buttercream frosting in the merry colours of red, white and green with step-by-step videos and PDF reference guides.

If you are interested in enrolling in the full Festive Holiday Cake Online Learning Module, scroll down to the very bottom of this page to learn more.

Access my unique Gingerbread pound cake recipe


  • Who is this recipe for?

    This module is for you if you're just starting out in cake baking and decorating and need a flavoured pound cake recipe or if you're already skilled at making cakes but want a new pound cake recipe to try.

  • Do I need to own any of the CBC Online Learning Modules to understand this recipe?

    While all the modules in the 'Cakes By Cliff Online Course' are designed to work together, you do not need to own any of them to understand this recipe.

    It is an independent resource that does not assume any prior knowledge from the CBC Online Learning Modules.

  • What does this recipe cover?

    This is a simple pound cake recipe; a written resource in a PDF which will outline ingredients, utensils and method for baking a pound cake.

    It does NOT cover anything related to creating and applying buttercream, preparing cakes for assembly, structure building (this can all be found in the CBC Foundational Buttercream Wedding Cakes Module or CBC Festive Holiday Cake Module which are also for sale separately or in a bundle), nor how to make macarons (Available in the Extension 2a: Christmas Tree Macarons Module or Extension 2b: Trio of Christmas Characters Macarons Module), event preparation, marketing, pricing, client consultations or other business activity (This can be found in the CBC Foundational: Buttercream Wedding Cakes Module).

    All recipes, utensil and material lists, ingredients list and methodology are outlined in this downloadable PDF.

  • What is the refund policy on this resource?

    Please make your purchasing decision carefully as all sales are final.


Want to learn how to make the entire cake with recipes for buttercream filling and frosting, instructions for torting and assembly and more?


Be guided through the whole cake baking and decorating process!

Enrol in a CBC Festive Celebration Module

  • DESIGN MODULE 01: CBC Festive Holiday Cake

    Enrol in the ' CBC Festive Holiday Cake Module' for a fully guided, step-by-step learning experience on how to create a show-stopping single-tier Festive Cake (which includes this Gingerbread pound cake recipe) with buttercream frosting. Features learning resources such as video tutorials, troubleshooting and downloadable reference guides.


  • BUNDLE: Festive Holiday Cake and Macaron Trio Bundle

    Enrol in both the 'Design Module 01: CBC Festive Holiday Cake' and 'Extension Module 02b: Trio of Christmas Character Macarons' to maximise your learning and create the complete jolly centrepiece with all things sugar and spice this holiday season. Includes this Gingerbread pound cake recipe and features learning resources such as video tutorials, troubleshooting and downloadable reference guides.


  • Meet your Instructor

    Cliff Luu is a self-taught baker and cake decorator specialising in a colour-loaded, texture-driven, sculpturally-influenced decorating style.

    He established ‘Cakes by Cliff’ in 2015, creating cakes for all occasions whilst working full time.

    The demand for his effervescent cake designs led to the growth of his 210,000+ strong Instagram following and requests for him to pass on his knowledge in person via private and group workshops.

    Since the birth of the business, he has travelled around Australia and overseas to New York, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to deliver cake decorating workshops.

    As of today, Cliff has been involved in collaborations with brands like KitchenAid, Williams-Sonoma, Oreos, Dermalogica and Nolinski Hotel (Paris).

    He has also been featured in publications such as Buzzfeed, Vogue Bridal, Time Out Magazine and other specialist wedding and events publications.

    Cliff Luu

    Creative Director