About Cakes by Cliff Online Course

This course was really something that I have had in mind for a long time.

I created it to help anybody with an interest and appreciation for baking and cake decorating hoping that it could help them do more with their passion.

For those of you that have had a creative spark ignited by the craft of cake design, this course is designed to help you fan your creative flame.

About Cakes by Cliff Online Course

Mixing business with baking and decoration

Recipes, Ingredients, Methodology, Utensils, Marketing, Delivery, Cake Consultations and more...

The online course is comprised of five separate modules (available for purchase separately or together in bundles) which include instructional reference guides, templates and videos to step you through various aspects of cake baking and decorating and creation of other sweets.

Split into FOUNDATION, EXTENSION and DESIGN online learning modules, you can pick and mix the modules you want to enrol in, depending on your goals and skill level.

Whether cake design is a hobby or a craft you want to take more seriously and turn into a small baking venture, I have modules which cover the basics of baking and decorating and others which cover more complex decorating techniques and even include business, administration, marketing, baking, decorating and event preparation.

Mixing business with baking and decoration

EXTENSION MODULES: How to make a Festive Holiday Cake and Macarons

Modules focused on creating a single tier celebration cake and macarons

For anyone who wants to learn how to create and decorate a single-tier cake topped with Christmas themed macarons... these modules are perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced bakers alike and will teach you skills that will take you beyond the holiday season!
EXTENSION MODULES: How to make a Festive Holiday Cake and Macarons


What others have been saying about the course

“I'm loving your course, it is the most comprehensive one that I have seen. ”


C. McQueen

“Thank you for putting your passion, skill and knowledge out there for us to see and learn from. Love the whole thing. Easy to follow.”


S. Pedders

“I'm such a fan of Cliff's beautiful and artful cake designs, but something I've always admired is how precise and clean his work is. His buttercream wedding cakes course is not only gorgeous to watch but it also breaks down all of the steps required to make a successful cake. His course notes are very thorough, from recipe to construction - I even bought acrylic disks and can't wait to try my first three tiered cake! This course really helped de-mystify a lot of things I wondered about super clean edges and stacking cakes!”


Lyndsay Sung

“Video tutorial is amazingly detailed and comprehensive. The quality is premium and well worth every cent!!! I couldn’t fault it at all. ”

Owner of Arelio Sweetbox

MyKim Navarette

“To be able to learn from Cliff (either online or live in a classroom) is an amazing experience itself.

Cliff combines his Architectural skills and his eye for art perfectly, making his creation truly a unique masterpiece. His cakes are elegant with a touch of modern vibes. He himself is a generous teacher, which will make your learning experience a magical one!”

Owner of SugarWorld Academy


“I loved loved the both Cakes by Clifford Online class module.

Mostly all the theory and written documents. they are very helpful and very complete. Cliff really take people into a very professional world, very precise and helpful to start an own business. Cliff did an amazing job, it will be very helpful for people around the world, mostly the initial part, all the theory and the introduction, very functional.”

Cake design teacher, Home baker and Amateur Food Photographer of HistoriasDelCiervo

Julian Angel

  • Meet your instructor

    About Cliff

    Cliff Luu is a self-taught baker and cake decorator specialising in a colour-loaded, texture-driven, sculpturally-influenced decorating style.

    He established ‘Cakes by Cliff’ in 2015, creating cakes for all occasions whilst working full time.

    The demand for his effervescent cake designs led to the growth of his 210,000+ strong Instagram following and requests for him to pass on his knowledge in person via private and group workshops.

    Since the birth of the business, he has travelled around Australia and overseas to New York, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to deliver cake decorating workshops.

    As of today, Cliff has been involved in collaborations with brands like KitchenAid, Williams-Sonoma, Oreos, Dermalogica and Nolinski Hotel (Paris).

    He has also been featured in publications such as Buzzfeed, Vogue Bridal, Time Out Magazine and other specialist wedding and events publications.

    Cliff Luu

    Creative Director