Getting business-ready and skilled up to attract and win clients

Over 80 downloadable pages and 4 videos

I'm sharing everything I know - Not just about baking and basic decorating, but about how to prepare and organise yourself to attract clients, book and hold cake consultations, organise your pricing and work with your customers (and suppliers like florists and event coordinators) to run your little cake venture.

All recipes, ingredients, utensil lists, material guides and step-by-step methodologies are included in downloadable reference guides.

I've also included

  • downloadable business templates for invoicing, consultations and other business processes
  • mutliple 'troubleshooting' segments to help you recover from any mishaps you experience along the way
  • PLUS
  • you can even watch me go through the process of baking, decorating and assembly in the included videos!
Getting business-ready and skilled up to attract and win clients

with full recipes, utensil lists and methodologies

Reference guides, Templates and Videos


This foundational module will cover:

3-tier Buttercream Wedding Cakes

  • SECTION ONE: Taking Your Cake Game To New Heights

    This section of the module will lead you through understanding the administration that goes behind running a little cake business.

    Written in easy-to-understand language, it includes details on sourcing, liaising with and managing suppliers, building industry contacts, marketing yourself and customer relationship management.

    A key feature of this section is the downloadable business templates I have included to help you get going straight away!

  • SECTION TWO: Baking - Creating Your Cake Layers

    Luck shouldn’t be a key ingredient in any baking experience. Determined bakers should rely on the application of skills like preparing things in advance, carefully following the recipe, being precise with measurements and understanding their ovens.

    This section focuses on all of these areas as I guide you through how to successfully bake the type of cake you need as a basis for your wedding cake!

    This section includes a full recipe and a utensil list so you can be prepared upfront.

    It also includes a 'troubleshooting' segment to help you recover from mishaps along the way.

  • SECTION THREE: Buttercream - Whipping Up Delicious Swiss Meringue Buttercream

    Get your head around the foundations of buttercream.

    Understand why it has the ability to act as a barrier to keep cakes moist, assists with holding the cake structure and is the perfect way to build height and structure to wedding cakes.

    I’ll guide you through how to make the right quantity of lush buttercream to decorate your wedding cake.

    This section includes a full recipe and utensil list so you can be prepared upfront.

    It also includes a 'troubleshooting' segment to help you recover from mishaps along the way.

  • SECTION FOUR: Structure - Constructing the Cake Apparatus

    The laws of gravity still apply during a wedding or other type of party/event, and as a person in charge of supplying the cake it's your job to make sure that it remains a visual masterpiece and stays upright through the evening.

    This section guides you through the construction of a robust and structurally sound support to your heavy and tall cake.

    This section includes materials list so you can be prepared upfront.

  • SECTION FIVE: Application & Assembly - Putting the Puzzle Together

    Bringing all the elements together is one of the most thrilling experiences of the cake baking and decorating process.

    After going through painstaking efforts to bake firm and moist cakes, whipping buttercream into deliciousness and then sawing, drilling and gluing a cake structure together, it’s all going to come to a satisfying conclusion in this section.

    Apply buttercream filling to your torted cakes, cover your cakes in buttercream, create different finishes from smooth, clean and sharp edges to a semi-naked finish, stack your tiered cakes to complete the assembly of your 3-tiered cake.

    It also includes a 'troubleshooting' segment to help you recover from mishaps along the way.

  • SECTION SIX: Event Preparation - It’s Showtime!

    Organising your delivery is just as important as the creative process - your clients expect the cake to not just be beautiful and delicious, they expect it to arrive in excellent condition, on time and at the right place.

    You can push aside any anxiety about delivering the cake with this guide as I guide you through preparing your cakes for delivery, liaising with other wedding suppliers to help you deliver the cake and how to decorate your cake to its finished state, at the venue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Who is this module for?

    This module is for you if you're just starting out with baking and decorating but have decided you want to accelerate your learning to go semi-pro sooner. It's also for anyone who has ever thought about turning their cake baking and decorating hobby into something more professional or if you are simply interested in up-skilling and growing as an amateur cake baker and decorator.

    Additionally, if you are already running a small baking and decorating business but are struggling with areas of attracting customers, managing clients and working out pricing, this course will help you overcome hurdles with marketing, finance and event preparation.

    Last but not least, it's for anyone that is curious about going behind-the-scenes of my practice and getting more insight into my style of baking and decorating.

  • How is this module delivered?

    This is a self-paced and self-directed module with almost 80 pages of content and 4 videos divided into 6 helpful sections to help you become the best wedding cake business owner you can be.

    You are in control of when and where you take the module and how fast (or slow) you want to run with it.

    Once you purchase the module you will get instant life-time access and all future updates to it.

  • Will this module be updated regularly?

    I am always open to feedback about my online course modules and will regularly evaluate the content to ensure it is as relevant as possible. Having said that, in my experience, this particular module has few areas of focus that are likely to rapidly change or become out of date.

    I endeavour to check the modules every quarter for relevancy and accuracy and will update as required. Any updates that are made and uploaded will be announced via my website ( and all enrolled students will automatically receive them.

  • What is the refund policy on this module?

    Please make your purchasing decision carefully as all sales are final.

  • Meet your instructor

    Cliff Luu is a self-taught baker and cake decorator specialising in a colour-loaded, texture-driven, sculpturally-influenced decorating style.

    He established ‘Cakes by Cliff’ in 2015, creating cakes for all occasions whilst working full time.

    The demand for his effervescent cake designs led to the growth of his 210,000+ strong Instagram following and requests for him to pass on his knowledge in person via private and group workshops.

    Since the birth of the business, he has travelled around Australia and overseas to New York, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to deliver cake decorating workshops.

    As of today, Cliff has been involved in collaborations with brands like KitchenAid, Williams-Sonoma, Oreos, Dermalogica and Nolinski Hotel (Paris).

    He has also been featured in publications such as Buzzfeed, Vogue Bridal, Time Out Magazine and other specialist wedding and events publications.

    Cliff Luu

    Creative Director

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