2 online modules paired together to help you build your baking and decorating skills

Together with MyKim Navarrete from Arelio Sweetbox, I've created the perfect double module bundle to create a beautiful and festive dining table centrepiece which will double as a delectable holiday dessert.

Learn how to create a single-tier cake (Gingerbread or Vanilla flavoured) filled and decorated with buttercream (Chai or Vanilla) plus 3 different types of Christmas macaron characters/designs.
2 online modules paired together to help you build your baking and decorating skills

Be guided through the entire process, step-by-step

All recipes, ingredients, utensil lists, material guides and step-by-step methodologies are included in downloadable reference guides.

"Troubleshooting" segments are also included to help you recover from any mishaps along the way.

You can even watch us go through the process of baking, decorating and assembly in the included videos!
Be guided through the entire process, step-by-step

What you'll learn in this 2 module bundle:

  • Bake a single-tier pound cake and create buttercream filling and frosting from scratch
  • Assemble and decorate your cake with an abstract buttercream design with smooth edges
  • Learn the basics of making macarons including all the individual elements required to successfully make glossy macaron shells
  • and
  • Pipe, bake and assemble your macaron shells with the buttercream into 3 different Christmas characters
What you'll learn in this 2 module bundle:


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In these modules

  • Create a single-tier cake and buttercream filling and frosting from scratch

    Bake a pound cake
    Choose from 2 flavours of pound cake (Gingerbread or Vanilla) and understand how to prepare for the baking process, appropriate timings to succeed, and the ingredients and tools you need on-hand to create a strong foundation for a single-tier cake.

    Create buttercream
    Choose from 2 flavours of buttercream (Chai or Vanilla) and understand why it is perfect for holding a cake together and for decorating with. We'll guide you to make the right amount for a single-tier cake so there's minimal wastage.

  • Decorate your cake and understand the basics of making macarons

    Assemble the cake and decorate with buttercream
    Bring your cake and buttercream together to assemble your single-tier masterpiece. We'll teach you how to apply buttercream filling to your torted cakes, cover your cakes in buttercream and create a smooth, clean finish with sharp edges.

    Create all the individual elements needed for glossy macaron shells
    Including sugar syrup, Italian meringue, Tant Pour Tant (TPT) mixture and also how to create macaronage, which is the foundational batter for macarons.

  • Assemble your macaron shells with the buttercream into 3 different Christmas characters

    Assemble your macarons and complete them by filling and decorating them to transform into Christmas trees, Reindeers and Christmas Unicorns.

    Finish off your baking and creating process by stacking the macarons into a Christmas tree formation, Reindeer shape and Christmas Unicorn shape, ready to place on top of cakes or become table centrepieces or table top decorations.


Everything that's included in the

  • Design Module: Festive Holiday Cake
    (valued at $150)

  • Extension Module 02b: Trio of Christmas Character Macarons
    (valued at $95)

with full recipes, utensil lists and methodologies

Reference guides, Videos and Troubleshooting tips



  • Who is this module for?

    These modules are for anyone with an interest in baking and that might be keen to take on a slightly more advanced challenge by also creating macarons.

    You could be just starting out in baking or decorating and macarons may have piqued your interest or you may be an intermediate baker who is simply interested in up-skilling and growing your dessert-making skill set.

    Advanced bakers will also enjoy what this module can bring to their repertoire.

    Alternatively it's for any cake maker and decorater who sees the potential of decorating their cakes with macarons.

  • Do I need to own the CBC Foundational Module or any other CBC Online Learning Modules to understand this module?

    While all the modules in the 'Cakes By Cliff Online Course' are designed to work together, you do not need to own the 'CBC Foundational Module: Buttercream Wedding Cakes' or any other of my online learning modules to buy this bundle and understand the contents within.

    They were created as independent modules that do not assume any prior knowledge taken from any other of my online learning modules.

    They were created to be a stand-alone learning experience, complete with all the reference guides (including full recipes, utensil list and ingredients list), video tutorials and trouble shooting questions required to successfully complete it and succeed independently to any of the other learning modules in my online course.

  • How is this module delivered?

    These are self-paced and self-directed modules with plenty of downloadable PDFs of content, and videos divided into helpful sections to help you jazz up your Christmas / Holiday table. Additionally, you can independently adjust each character/design slightly so that they remain relevant throughout the year, well beyond Christmas.

    You are in control of when and where you take the modules and how fast (or slow) you want to run with them.

    Once you purchase the module you will get instant life-time access and all future updates to it.

  • Will this module be updated regularly?

    I am always open to feedback about my online course modules and will regularly evaluate the content to ensure it is as relevant as possible. Having said that, in my experience, these particular modules have few areas of focus that are likely to rapidly change or become out of date.

    I endeavour to check the modules every quarter for relevancy and accuracy and will update as required. Any updates that are made and uploaded will be announced via my website (www.cakesbycliff.com) and all enrolled students will automatically receive them.

  • What is the refund policy on this module?

    Please make your purchasing decision carefully as all sales are final.

  • Meet your Instructors

    Cliff Luu is a self-taught baker and cake decorator specialising in a colour-loaded, texture-driven, sculpturally-influenced decorating style.

    He established ‘Cakes by Cliff’ in 2015, creating cakes for all occasions whilst working full time.

    The demand for his effervescent cake designs led to the growth of his 210,000+ strong Instagram following and requests for him to pass on his knowledge in person via private and group workshops.

    Since the birth of the business, he has travelled around Australia and overseas to New York, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to deliver cake decorating workshops.

    As of today, Cliff has been involved in collaborations with brands like KitchenAid, Williams-Sonoma, Oreos, Dermalogica and Nolinski Hotel (Paris).

    He has also been featured in publications such as Buzzfeed, Vogue Bridal, Time Out Magazine and other specialist wedding and events publications.

    Cliff Luu

    Creative Director

  • Meet your Instructors

    MyKim is a self-taught Sydney based home-baker specialising in custom macarons of all shapes colours and sizes.

    Baking was always a much loved hobby, and not realising how difficult macarons were supposed to be, I thought I'd make some for my son one day. Luckily, they worked out magnificently (I've had many failures in between though) and people encouraged me to start making them for gatherings and family events.

    Arelio is a name derived from the TWO loves of my life, my children: Ariel and Emilio. We have been an officially launched business since August 2014 and to many people’s amazement I still work as an Aged Care Physiotherapist because of my love for helping others, whilst still taking custom orders for macaron jobs as well. It can be difficult to maintain a good work-life balance but it does help that you absolutely LOVE and have a passion for what you are doing.

    In the last few years, I have brought my teaching to the forefront releasing an instructional video and teaching group classes in Sydney as well as an invitation to teach in Surabaya, Indonesia. Aside from the baking, my dream would be to travel the world and possibly combine this one day with macaron teaching in all continents near and far.

    MyKim Navarrete